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Vehicle air conditioning

As an ARC authorised repairer (AU20646), our staff have the latest industry training in automotive air conditioning. Coupled with the latest service equipment, and quality brands like Jayair and OEX at our disposal, we can deliver a first class service without compromise.

Each year the laws governing the handling of air conditioning refrigerant get stricter, as a result workshops bearing the ARC Logo are audited on a regular basis and kept to a strict set of rules, ensuring a safe work place, quality control, and equally important, protection and sustainability for our environment.

Seasonal service

The lead up to Summer and its duration is often a busy time for air conditioning. People generally
start planning road trips or festive season escapes
and often overlook things like their car's air-
conditioning until the last minute.

The hot weather is a great reminder to get your air conditioning looked at, however be sure to ask about our winter specials for airconditiong.

You can have piece of mind knowing that the warmer months ahead of you will be handled by your car's air conditioning unit.

Did you know?

Your air conditioning system is just like any other system on your vehicle in the way it is subject to periodical maintenance.

You should have it checked annually for things like leaks, component wear, blockages and general operating efficiency. At G-Mac, we can offer you a comprehensive check of your air conditioning system and make sure it's in tip top shape, for any time of the year.

Why not ask for an Air Conditioner service when your vehicle is next in for maintenance.

Contact us and check out our range of services, from Dealer Log Book servicing, to wheel alignments, custom perfomance work, suspensions, engine replacements and rebuilds, transmissions, air conditioning service and repair and so much more...

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